Creating connected skies together


Wednesday 8 March

12:00, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

With COVID-19 behind us, more than ever the industry needs to work together to ensure we can create deliver the capacity required, minimise delays and create a more sustainable ecosystem.
Technology will play a key role in delivering these objectives creating a more connected and seamless sky where efficiencies can be achieved take-off to landing, regardless of how many airspaces a particular aircraft transverses. Enabling this digital transformation in a collaborative and effective manner is the raison d’etre of the iTEC Alliance, formed by seven of the most relevant European ANSPs (DFS from Germany, ENAIRE from Spain, NATS from the UK, LVNL from The Netherlands, Avinor from Norway, PANSA from Poland and Oro Navigacija from Lithuania), who are working together to materialise the Digital European Sky.
Could this same approach cross the Atlantic and expand the cooperation to Canada? All the aviation stakeholders can benefit for a cooperation that would enable a flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver on the same technology, creating a more connected sky. If you would like to learn more about this, and how Nav Canada, the iTEC Alliance and Indra are working together to make this a reality, join Mark Cooper, VP Technology at Nav Canada and Victor Martinez, Director iTEC at Indra in this presentation.

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