Corus-xuam: Concept of operations for European u-space services – extension for urban air mobility


Friday 10 March

12:00, 45 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

SESAR research partners delivered an early set of rules for low-level airspace operations, known as a concept of operations (ConOps), for European U-space in 2019. The latest CORUS-XUAM research builds on these early findings to demonstrate how U-space services could support integrated UAM flight operations, allowing electric vertical take-off and landings (eVTOLs) to operate safely with other airspace users in fully integrated airspace.

The CORUS-XUAM project carried out six large-scale demonstrations ranging from logistics and deliveries to passenger transport. The activities relied on advanced forms of interaction through digital exchange in urban, sub-urban and inter-city scenarios, as well as near airports. The session and walking tour will provide visitors with insights into this project.

An introduction to CORUS-XUAM very large-scale demonstration project
Giancarlo Ferrara, EUROCONTROL

Intercity autonomous flight (Sweden)
Billy Josefsson, LFV

UAM logistic operations in U-space distributed architecture
Marta Sánchez Cidoncha, ENAIRE

Moderated by Robin Garrity, SESAR 3 JU

Followed by walking tour at 12:45

Driving technology to advance safety and efficiency of autonomous aviation
Jurgen Verstaen, Unifly
Unifly #J35

eVTOL flight experience at Cochstedt Airport, simulating Frankfurt
Henk Hesselink, DLR

Medical cargo transportation from suburban to urban area in u-space with ATM/UTM coordination
Giovanni Riccardi, ENAV

Tactical deconfliction for state aircraft
Didier Decaestecker, Skeydrone
skeyes #H4

This tour will be guided by Giancarlo Ferrara, EUROCONTROL

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