Combine RTC with cloud computing for modern air traffic management


Thursday 9 March

14:30, 25 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

Remote tower control (RTC) is a technology that allows air traffic controllers to manage aircraft movements from a centralized remote location. Over the last years it has become increasingly popular due to the many benefits it offers. The DFS Aviation Services set a high priority, not to miss out on this innovative advance and to offer remote tower control in combination with cloud computing.

In a big kick-start project ‘RTC Niedersachsen’ DFS Aviation Services (DAS) centralized two existing airport towers to one multi-remote tower suite. For this, the modern concept of cloud computing, is a needed key component of the remote tower control system, as it allows controllers to access real-time data and tools from a centralized, easy to maintain, location. Providing nearly all critical systems in the cloud, the DAS combined the latest cloud technologies with proven existing ATM software. Of course, DAS had to make a long way to come over many problems including security risks, data latency or vendor lock-In. But here we are, having all critical system structure in one place instead of individually by the airport.

Easy to upscale for additional remote airports in the physical remote suite in ‘Niedersachsen’, it is even easier to upscale the cloud for new participants. ‘RTC Niedersachsen’ visualizes the flexibility and power of RTC in combination with cloud computing and furthermore will be ready for all upcoming ATM tasks and is so providing a future-safe solution.

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