Anytime anywhere ATC training: evolving to meet the demands of the new generation of air traffic controllers


Friday 10 March

10:30, 25 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

For years, ATC training remained fairly unchanged with static boards and planes glued to sticks. The introduction of Air Traffic Control Simulators over twenty years ago took ATCO training to a new level unseen before. A new, immersive, digital technology was enticing and mesmerizing. We experienced more engagement from students and an enhanced learning experience.
In the meantime, technology continued to evolve. The popularization of smartphones in the 2000s meant more information available at fingertips, anytime, anywhere. People were more connected to their devices and getting more accustomed to accessing information, looking up an answer to a question, or learning a new skill on the go, in the car, in a park, at home, whenever or wherever.
Even though our ways of accessing and learning information continued to evolve, the ATC Training environment continued to remain rigid with fixed training simulators. We continued to train the same way, because we believed we have been achieving the results we needed. But have we?
The global pandemic further changed our ways of living, and most of us learned new ways to work–and learn–from home. The pandemic also caught most of the industry flatfooted, suddenly most ATC simulators were not accessible for training. We realized how critical work and training accessibility and flexibility is to our new ways of living.
Flexibility–deliver training any time the student wants it–and accessibility–deliver training anywhere the students are–can dramatically improve their ways to train and learn. And most, especially the up-and-coming generation, expect this now. Fail to deliver a new approach to simulation and training and we may realize a risk that the new generation of Air Traffic Control students are disenchanted, disengaged, and lagging in learning.
However, it does not have stay this way. Explore new training options with us - see attached for more details.

Session Speakers

Subject Areas

Airfield Operations
Ground-based ATC Data Networks
Human Factors