Albatross – delivering flight-efficient operations


Wednesday 8 March

16:00, 30 minutes


SESAR Showcase Theatre

Session Overview

SESAR is showing that emissions savings can be achieved in the short term by introducing new technologies and procedures into air traffic management. ALBATROSS is a collection of exercises to demonstrate and refine several improvements to increase efficient flight operations in aviation. Special attention was given to ATM processes, but other decarbonisation initiatives were also applied, from research concepts to deployable solutions, collaborative ATM procedures supported by information sharing, new CNS technology, and data science applied to ATM. All these developments can bring flights to operate closer to their fuel-optimum and minimum-noise trajectory.

Through a series of live trials taking place over the last two years, the ALBATROSS demonstrations showcased:
Several implementations of "PBN-to-Final" arrival procedures;
Optimised climb and optimised descent operations facilitated by ATC cross-centre coordination;
Pilot-assistance tools to calculate optimal climb and descent profiles;
Analysis of suboptimal traffic patterns in the TMA, using data science;
Green taxiing vehicles and single-engine taxiing;
Dynamic management of airspace for optimal flight planning, and
Sustainable aviation fuels via “book and claim" mechanisms.

The 1,000 live flight trials demonstrated savings of 1, 000 tonnes of CO2 and showing how improved cooperation can deliver immediate and verifiable benefits.

This session will be chaired by Mattia Nurisso, Airbus, who will provide insights into the work of the project and the results achieved.

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