Advancing ATM-UTM Integration: Needs, Challenges, and Concepts


Wednesday 8 March

16:30, 25 minutes



Delivering an integrated airspace for the future

Session Overview

While widescale use of UAS technology today continues to grow, the path for integration is limited to operations in segregated airspace or uncontrolled airspace so as not to disrupt manned aircraft operations. This approach is neither sustainable nor scalable. As airspace integration policy evolves and the demand for UAS operations increases, we need to reimagine airspace management.
ATM-UTM integration requires interoperability between the existing human-in-the-loop ATC system and the emerging automated UTM system, which enables the smooth, safe and efficient operation of both manned and unmanned systems. Increased automation in the ATM domain is critical to the ability to accommodate new airspace entrants without increasing controller workload.
In this presentation, Adrian Solomon, Sr Systems Architect for ATC and Digital Aviation Solutions at Thales, will address the integration needs and challenges between ATM and UTM systems and provide a concept for an integrated system that can support manned and unmanned flight operations.

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