Actionable information management – Digital NOTAM for ATC automation


Thursday 9 March

10:30, 25 minutes



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Session Overview

Up to now, ATC automation solutions used to feature their own adaptation tools to input, validate and distribute static geo datasets into their different system’s constituents (the so-called ATM applications). This implies high costs of manual and parallel data processing and validation and in addition high costs in additional development and maintenance on the side of the ATM system vendors.
Most of the functionalities of such complex adaptation tools, such as business logic validations, are present in AIM systems, from where the whole airspace can be defined and configured – fully automated, and with less risk of error. Thanks to the standardized AIXM format, ATM applications can stay online and always stay up-to-date with airspace and data changes from the AIRAC cycles.
As more ANSPs introduce digital NOTAM systems to satisfy the requirements of multiple use cases, the question that arises is, why continue to maintain ad-hoc adaptation tools, and instead, why not already benefit from such AIM functions in the ATM world?
This speaking slot aims to present how Frequentis’ Digital Notam system (based on AIM Suite CADAS) is used as ‘online’ adaptation tool to the group’s ATC automation for ACC and APP solutions named PRISMA, and the benefits of bringing these technologies together.
Let’s explore the power of integration.
Daniel Cobos-Meza, Strategic Product Manager
Markus Haas, Strategic Product Manager

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