A Single Digital Platform: Operational Safety Enhancements by Design


Wednesday 8 March

13:30, 25 minutes



Delivering future operations

Session Overview

Advanced digital technology has steadily taken the place of conventional systems to drive a convergence between airside and tower operations, merging previously separate processes and enabling shifts in roles and responsibilities of ANSPs and Airports. A key element to facilitate this collaborative ecosystem is a single digital platform to support multiple applications and stakeholders.

Digital Transformation opens up a whole new way of working centered around access to common data. The benefits permeate across all operational areas in terms of safety, efficiency, predictability, and commercial performance, providing a template for other large and complex hub airports seeking to streamline airport and air traffic control operations.

Safety is paramount in ATM operations. Digital Transformation provides many benefits to the ATM industry but technological advances have to be introduced to the operations in a safe manner. As operational systems are becoming increasingly more complex, the related safety assurance is becoming equally complex for system suppliers and regulators alike.

During this session, we will discuss the role and function of a single data platform and how operational safety enhancements need to be at the core of the platform design and creation. We will highlight certain key technical components and design philosophies and demonstrate how safety enhancements are achieved. With a focus on software systems in ATM, we will demonstrate the advantages of the microservice-based architecture and the utilization of high-availability technologies in achieving greater operational safety and efficiency for both ATC and Airport Operation stakeholders.

Join Searidge as we showcase several of our operational sites, including Hong Kong International Airport, London Heathrow and Delta Airlines to show how a change in software architecture and the creation of a single data platform has enabled tangible operational safety benefits for our customers.

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