A future-proof solution: ATC voice quality assurance in IP networks


Thursday 9 March

15:00, 25 minutes



Delivering technologies for a safer world

Session Overview

Rode & Schwarz invests heavily in future technologies and technological advances such as quantum technology, the industrial internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud technology and 6G.

This drive for innovation contributes to shaping the future of ATC. With a commitment to enabling safe and secure skies, we created the unique R&SAVQA advanced voice quality assurance system - a non-intrusive IP and RF monitoring and analytics tool.

Voice over IP is increasingly used by ANSPs since old analog networks are becoming obsolete. Migrating communications to this modern infrastructure requires dependable voice quality in these networks. R&S°AVQA provides this assurance, combining powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to allow ASPs to monitor their voice quality over IP networks.

In addition to quality assurance in the IP infrastructure, R&S°AVQA also provides solid RF infrastructure monitoring capabilities. This helps ANSPs to quickly spot hidden impairments and ensure trouble-free, high-quality communications. Learn more about how innovation helps to solve challenges in critical infrastructure such as ATC along with the benefits provided by the R&S°AVQA advanced voice quality assurance system when migrating to voice over IP.

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