20 years of the performance-oriented approach in ATM in Europe: a success story?


Thursday 9 March

10:00, 25 minutes



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Session Overview

20 years of the performance-oriented approach in ATM in Europe: a success story?

The Performance Review Commission (PRC) was established in 1998 to support the effective management of the European air traffic management system through a strong, transparent and independent performance review. The spirit of the PRC’s work is neither to praise nor to criticise, but to help everyone involved in effectively improving gate-to-gate performance in the future, taking new challenges related to capacity and environment into account.

The proposed presentation will look at major developments and trends in terms of ATM performance over the past 20 years before the start of the COVID crisis in 2020.

Following a brief outline of the institutional background, some key trends in air traffic demand in the European ATM system over the past 20 years will be illustrated. A high-level view of network wide initiatives to improve the performance of the ATM network will illustrate some key changes on the supply side.

The last part will evaluate how ATM performance has changed over time and what lessons could be learned from the past with a view to further improve ATM performance in the future. With the industry recovering from the COVID crisis will it be “business as usual” or is there a need for a different approach?

Future developments require close cooperation with all stakeholders involved to address important choices to be made, to get input for future change and to get feedback on developments and analyses.

The presentation given by Marinus de Jong, Chairman of the PRC, will provide an overview on the aforementioned topics and conclude with points for further discussion.

Background information can be found in the annual Performance Review Reports (PRR) and in the PRC Performance Insight “20 years of performance-oriented approach for ATM in Europe – a success story?”, published in December 2022

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