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Indra is the leading engineering technology company that is driving the future of air traffic management by delivering next generation digital technologies to fly safer and more efficiently


Thales Airspace Mobility Solutions, from take-off to landing and everything in between. 

Thales is the world leader in air mobility solutions. An impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world land and take-off with the help of Thales.  

We combine half a century’s experience in development and deployment with an unrivalled worldwide installed base, advanced technology and ground-breaking innovations to deliver solutions that are continually adapted to the ever-changing aviation system’s needs.   

Thales offers integrated gate-to-gate solutions, from pre-flight to landing, ensuring airport safety, efficient traffic handling operations, data sharing on aircraft and seamless handover operations between territories.  

Thales is trusted by key ATM decision makers across 180 nations, and helps key decision makers master complexity and make timely decisions for better outcomes.  

Thales has the largest installed base with over 160 air traffic control systems and over 25 tower systems in operation, 10,000 navaids, 1,000 surveillance radars, and 2,000 ADS-B and multilateration equipment. 

Thales delivers efficient and innovative products and services, for better decisions and better results.  

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Fabec – Theatre Sponsor

Functional Airspace Block Europe Central is a cooperation platform for the management of the airspace of the six FABEC States of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland,  one of the busiest and most complex in the world. The majority of the major European airports, major civil airways and military training areas are located in this area. FABEC airspace covers 1.7 million km² and handles about 55% of European air traffic.

SESAR – Theatre Sponsor

The SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking (SESAR 3 JU) is a public-private European research partnership that aims to accelerate through research and innovation the delivery of the Digital European Sky.